We Trade Our Night for Someone Else’s Day

TITLE: We Trade Our Night for Someone Else’s Day


PUBLISHER: Seven Stories Press


ISBN-10: 1644210487

ISBN-13:  978-1644210482

PUBLISHED : 12.04.2021.

BINDING: Paperback

DIMENSIONS: 0.04 x 0.04 x 0.04 inches

TRANSLATED BY: Ellen Elias-Bursac

In an unnamed Croatian city in 2010, reporter Nora Kirin, the heroine of this searing political thriller from Bodrozic (The Hotel Tito), hopes to expose the city’s sleazy government. Instead, she’s assigned to write a lurid piece about a Croatian high school teacher who murdered her brutal husband, a Croatian war veteran, while having an affair with a student, an ethnic Serb. Nora’s own troubled past distracts her from this task.

Her father disappeared in 1991, just before a horrifying massacre of Croats by Serbs. As Nora seeks the truth about his fate, she uncovers heinous instances of immorality throughout a city supposedly promoting “peaceful reintegration” between Croats and Serbs. In her effort to get justice for her father, Nora dooms her own love affair.

Bodrozic smoothly integrates Nora’s gripping personal story with, as revealed in a translator’s note, the recent history of Vukovar, the author’s native city. Noir fans won’t want to miss this one.

What others say…

“In We Trade Our Night for Someone Else’s Day, Ivana Bodrožić takes our most taboo subjects and puts them in a familiar setting, to damning effect.”